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What are some things I can use Claude for?
What are some things I can use Claude for?
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You can use Claude to:

  • Write across different formats and styles.. Claude can help you draft everything from a text message or an email to a screenplay or a novel.

  • Learn something new. You can ask Claude to teach you how to make Pasta Carbonara, use a new library in Python, learn about 20th century Uruguayan history, or ride a po-go stick.

  • Summarize text. Claude is great at generating concise summaries of long articles, news stories, documents, conversations, or even books!

  • Code. Claude can be an extremely helpful 'pair programmer'. While Claude is best at Python, it knows how to code in all major programming languages.

  • Act as a debate or brainstorming partner. Claude is great to bounce ideas off of, help generate different viewpoints, provide recommendations, and generally converse with.

  • Translate languages. While Claude is best at English due to its training data, Claude knows more than a dozen languages and can translate between them to varying degrees of success. Some languages Claude is especially good at other than English are Portuguese, French, and German.

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