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Who owns and manages the data of my team?
Who owns and manages the data of my team?
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This article provides important information about your Anthropic Claude Team plan account associated with your organization's Claude Team plan. It includes details about data access and control that were shared with you when your Team plan account was set up.

Your organization's designated administrators manage your Work account and all associated data. This means your administrators can access and view your data, including the contents of your Team plan conversations with Claude, files you upload, and how you use the Claude services in your Team plan account. Administrators can also remove your access to the Team plan account.

Your organization decides which Claude services and features you can access in your Team plan account. They may choose to limit certain functionality.

Use of your Team plan account is governed by the agreement between Anthropic and your organization. Please contact your administrators for details of this agreement.

Anthropic also has a Privacy Policy that describes how we collect, use and share personal information when acting as a data controller in providing the Claude services to your organization. However, the Anthropic Consumer Terms of Service and Privacy Policy do not apply to the use of the Claude Team plan where Anthropic is the data processor.

Your organization may have its own internal policies regarding usage of Claude Team plan. Please refer to your administrators for guidance.

If you have any questions about data privacy in your Claude Team plan account, we encourage you to contact your organization's administrators.

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