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Project Visibility and Sharing
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When creating a project on a Team plan, you will be prompted to select your visibility settings. You can choose to keep your project private or make it accessible across your organization.

Private Projects

Keeping a project private means that you are the only user who can access it by default. All content within the project (chats, activity, project knowledge, and artifacts) remains private from other members.

Adding and Removing Member Access to Private Projects

To add members to a private project:

  1. Click the "Share" button in the upper right corner of the project.

  2. In the subsequent window, add individual members from your Team plan using their name or email.

  3. This will share the project, activity feed, and knowledge base with the member, but your chats will remain private unless you choose to share them.

To remove members:

  1. Open the project's "Share" menu.

  2. Click on the role to the right of the member's name.

  3. Select "remove access."

After being removed, they will no longer be able to access this project or its content.

Sharing and Unsharing Chats

Chats within a project are not shared by default. To share a chat:

  1. Click the "Share" button in the upper right corner of your chat.

  2. Click the "Share & Copy Link" button to create a shareable link and add the chat snapshot to your project’s activity feed.

  3. Optionally, toggle "Also show in activity" off to remove the chat from the activity feed. You can still use the shareable link when the activity feed option is toggled off.

The chat snapshot includes all messages that were sent prior to sharing the chat (note that artifacts cannot be shared at this time, but we are working on adding this functionality). All messages sent after sharing a chat will remain private by default. However, you can choose to update the shared snapshot to include new messages.

To update a shared chat:

  1. Open the "Share" menu.

  2. Choose "Update snapshot" to include new messages in the shared snapshot.

To unshare a chat:

  1. Navigate to the "Share" menu.

  2. Click the visibility dropdown.

  3. Change the chat from "Shared" to "Private" to disable the direct link and remove it from the activity feed.

Project Activity Feeds

The project activity feed displays all shared content, including:

  • Shared chats

  • Updates when a member adds knowledge to the project's knowledge base

Anyone with access to the project can view this feed. Private chats will not appear in the feed.

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