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How do I pay for my API usage?
How do I pay for my API usage?
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API and Workbench usage is billed via prepaid “usage credits”. Credits must be purchased prior to using the API. You can track credit usage in the Plans and Billing page. If you run out of credits, you will no longer be able to call the API or use Workbench. You can choose to set up an auto-reload that purchases additional credits when your balance falls below a set limit.

To add usage credits and adjust your auto-reload settings, navigate to your Plans and Billing page. Click on the “add funds” button, and enter in the amount of credits you would like to purchase. After you’ve purchased your credits, they will be immediately available to you.

To adjust your auto-reload options, click on “edit settings”. You can toggle auto-reload on or off. If choosing to use auto-reload, you can set the minimum account balance, and the amount to reload to if your account reaches that minimum balance.

Please note that purchased credits are subject to our Credit Terms.

You can learn more about credit usage, and how it relates to usage limits here.

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