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Transitioning from the API private beta to general availability
Transitioning from the API private beta to general availability
Updated over a week ago

We moved to credit-based usage when our API became publicly available. As a result, beginning May 16th, 2024, there are changes coming to your Console account and the way you access the Anthropic API.

What’s happening:

  • Usage credits: Usage of the API and Workbench are now powered by credits for all customers. To continue to access the API, you can select your account plan and add funds to your account.

  • Models and keys: You’ll continue to have access to the same Anthropic models as your current experience, and your API keys will remain the same.

  • Console updates: When you log in to the Console on May 16th, 2024, you’ll see an updated experience in the browser with a new Plans & Billing page that gives you more control over your spend.


Can I continue to evaluate the API for free?

Users must transition to one of our new standard plans that require credit-based usage. Users must add credits to their account in order to use the API for commercial use. If you haven’t already, you can upgrade your account at Plans & Billing in the Console.

Alignment researchers who are interested in accessing the API for AI alignment research purposes can find more information here.

What models will I have access to?

Private beta users have access to all the models that are available via the API. To see the full list, visit the Workbench and click on the Models dropdown.

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