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What are Artifacts and how do I use them?
What are Artifacts and how do I use them?
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Artifacts allow Claude to share substantial, standalone content with you in a dedicated window separate from the main conversation. Artifacts make it easy to work with significant pieces of content that you may want to modify, build upon, or reference later.

When does Claude use Artifacts?

Claude creates an Artifact when the content it is sharing has the following characteristics:

  • It is significant and self-contained, typically over 15 lines of content

  • It is something you are likely to want to edit, iterate on, or reuse outside the conversation

  • It represents a complex piece of content that stands on its own without requiring extra conversation context

  • It is content you are likely to want to refer back to or use later on

Some common examples of Artifact content include:

  • Documents (Markdown or Plain Text)

  • Code snippets

  • Websites (single page HTML)

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images

  • Diagrams and flowcharts

  • Interactive React components

How do I use Artifacts?

When Claude creates an Artifact, you'll see the Artifact content displayed in a new dedicated window to the right side of the main chat. This allows you to easily view, copy, and work with the Artifact content.

A few key things to know about interacting with Artifacts:

  • You can ask Claude to edit or iterate on the content and these updates will be displayed directly in the Artifact window.

    • These edits won't change Claude's memory of the original Artifact content, and you can switch between each version using the version selector at the bottom left of the Artifact.

  • You can open and view multiple Artifacts in one conversation using the chat controls. To access this, click on the slider icon in the upper right corner. Select the Artifact you’d like Claude to reference and then continue where you last left off.

  • Claude may update an existing Artifact in response to your messages. The Artifact window will update to show the latest content.

  • You can view the underlying code of an Artifact, copy the content to your clipboard, or download a file to easily reuse it outside the conversation. These options are located in the lower right corner of your Artifact.

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