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How do I install the Claude App for Slack?
How do I install the Claude App for Slack?
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To use Claude in Slack, you will first need to install the Claude App for Slack. Note that the Claude App for Slack is only available in Enterprise Grid.

  • To install Claude, visit the Claude App for Slack and click "Add to Slack". This will prompt you to select the workspace on which you want to install Claude. Click "Authorize".

  • After the install, Claude will appear as a bot user in your Slack workspace. Users can then interact with Claude by:

    • Direct messaging @Claude: this will open a DM channel between the user and Claude where you can chat.

    • Mentioning @Claude in any public channel: Claude will respond to commands and questions in the channel.

    • Using slash commands like /claude help: this will trigger Claude to respond with information on how to use his capabilities.

  • Once installed, all members of that Slack workspace will have access to use Claude. The installation only needs to be done once per workspace.

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