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Updates to our Acceptable Use Policy (now “Usage Policy”), Consumer Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy
Updates to our Acceptable Use Policy (now “Usage Policy”), Consumer Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy
Updated over a week ago

At Anthropic, we periodically review our policies and terms to ensure we’re providing the highest level of protection and clarity for our users. As our products evolve, we also want to keep you informed about our latest updates:

  • Claude is now available as an iOS app via the Apple App Store so you can access Claude from anywhere, any time.

  • For businesses looking to increase productivity, our new Team plan offers increased usage for members and better tools for managing users and billing.

  • And is now available to users in the EU.

This support article covers some recent changes to our Anthropic’s Acceptable Use Policy (now “Usage Policy”), Consumer Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

We encourage you to read the updated documents on our website, but here is a summary of key changes:

Usage Policy

  • Policy refinements: We’ve refined and restructured our policy to give more details about the individuals and organizations covered by our policies.

  • More specific risk levels: We’ve broken out some specific “high-risk use cases” that have additional requirements due to posing an elevated risk of harm.

  • Disclosure requirements: We added new disclosure requirements so that organizations who use our tools also help their own users understand they are interacting with an AI system.

Consumer Terms of Service

  • Enhanced clarity: With some help from Claude, we simplified some terms to make them easier to understand. For example, Claude helped us simplify the provision that describes what happens if you create a account with an email domain that belongs to your employer or another organization.

  • Update for UK consumers. For individuals based in the United Kingdom, our UK Consumer Terms of Service now state that the agreement is between the user and our Irish subsidiary, Anthropic Ireland, Limited, rather than Anthropic, PBC.

Privacy Policy

  • Data controller: We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to reflect that the data controller for our users in the European Economic Area (EEA), UK, and Switzerland is Anthropic Ireland, Limited.

  • Data retention: We’ve changed our default data retention period to 30 days.

You can review our full Usage Policy, Consumer Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Thanks for using Claude! We appreciate you taking the time to stay informed on these updates as we work to responsibly deploy our products more broadly.

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