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What is the Team plan for using Claude?
How do I get started with the Team plan?
How do I add a member to my team?
How do I add multiple members to a team at once?
What are the roles and permissions that I can set for members?
How do I add a member that I previously removed from my team?
How is my bill calculated?
When will I be billed?
What is the pricing for the Team plan?
How can I view or add allowed email domains for my team?
Can an admin create multiple teams?
How do I remove a member from a team?
What is your cancellation policy?
How do I resend an invitation that has expired?
What payment methods can I use?
How do I change my team name?
A member is unable to create an account due to being located in an unsupported country.
A member on my team has a question about how to write a prompt.
Why do I need to verify my phone number when creating a team?
Who owns and manages the data of my team?
What is the data relationship between Anthropic, the Customer and the User?
How can I export data associated with my Team plan such as chat inputs and outputs?
How can I access the personal information that Anthropic has on my account?
I am inviting a member who has used their work email address for personal Claude use.
Can I migrate or merge two profiles that use
How do I view a list of all members on a team?
A member on my team has a question about how to use Claude.
How do I update my billing information and payment method?
Where can I see my Team plan invoices?
Which model of Claude does my team have access to?
Does my team or individual members have message limits?
How do I remove an admin?
How do I remove myself as an admin?
Can I see how much my team or members use Claude?
What reporting do you have available?
Can I use SSO authentication?
How do I cancel Team plan access for my team?
My Team plan access is no longer active and I want to resubscribe.
How do I enable the Artifacts feature preview?